F*ck Zeus (w/ Tomer Persico)Listen now (101 min) | The birth of the individual. The death of an empire.
We aren’t owed an exposition.
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Speak No Evil, See No Cancel Culture (Freestyle Theodicy)Listen now (79 min) | And voting reform, too.
Big Tech Panic (w/ Shoshana Weissmann)Listen now (99 min) | Monopolies, free speech, and Section 230.
The Apocalypse We Deserve (w/ Niall Ferguson)Listen now (101 min) | There's more to history than Hitler.
Saving Capitalism From Itself (w/ Rebecca Henderson)Listen now (71 min) | Yas Kapital!
Our Temples of Tragedy (w/ Justin Davidson)Listen now (98 min) | Plus: why New York is a terrible place.
Blackness and the Other Side of Trauma (w/ Misha Thomas)Listen now (105 min) | Trauma Is Infrastructure. (Trigger warnings all around.)