Everything Is broken. Now what?

Now that the apocalypse is upon us, a lot of us are starting to ask the big questions: how did we get here? Who’s to blame? And of course, which religion got it right?

But The Rapture notwithstanding and despite many signs to the contrary, there is an undismissable possibility that life will, generally speaking, go on. This means that right now the more interesting question takes the form of: what’s next?

We (Adaam & Vanessa) have been working in the news media for the better half of a decade. Like our fellow Millennials, we had the pleasure of watching many of the institutions we grew up admiring — journalism among them — fall into rapid decay. 

Now the habits acquired by working in journalism, fantastic for pestering public officials for a headline-able quote, aren’t the best for assessing the human condition. Hence this blog. 

We want to take our time and actually think about this abyss we’re in. What if we’re not at the End Times, after all? What if we’re at a tipping point, watching the unfolding of something… new? If so, what is it? What will we be, what will our world be, on the other end? We have no idea... yet. We’re, yes, uncertain. (Sigh.)

But whether or not this really is the abyss — we don’t plan to wallow in it.

At least, not too much…

So… Follow us, tell a friend, and let's meet for a drink on the other side.

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Everything is broken. Now what?


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