Genes, Germs, & Justice (w/ Nicholas Christakis)Listen now (121 min) | The Lumper's Lament.
Escaping the Gospel of Guilt (w/ Jacob Siegel)Listen now (102 min) | Can't write about America from within.
F*ck Zeus (w/ Tomer Persico)Listen now (101 min) | The birth of the individual. The death of an empire.
We aren’t owed an exposition.
EXTRA: The Journey to Jaded (w/ Adaam and Vanessa)Listen now (86 min) | Shamelessly stolen from another podcast.
Why Hollywood Sucks (w/ Rob Long)Listen now (114 min) | Scrolling through the opium den of content.
The Reality Rift (w/ Rep. Peter Meijer)Listen now (41 min) | The view from inside the Capitol.
Can the Supreme Court Survive the Culture War? (w/ Sarah Isgur)Listen now (94 min) | And... Was joining the Trump administration a mistake?
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