You Are Not Your Ideas (w/ Angel Eduardo)Listen now (102 min) | Or, how to be less of a jackass online.
Diversity Isn’t Destiny (w/ Yascha Mounk)Listen now (81 min) | It’s a thin line between diverse and divided.
NOT CANCELED (w/ Meghan Daum) Listen now (106 min) | It started with gender...
Journaling my sojourn into sci-fi.
What History Reveals — and Hides (w/ Jody Avirgan, Kellie Carter Jackson, and Nicole Hemmer)Listen now (96 min) | Out of the ivory tower, into the tweet storms
The Free Speech Recession (w/ Jacob Mchangama)Listen now (89 min) | We all love free speech... for us, not them.
Surrender to the Illusion (w/ Daniel Roy)Listen now (136 min) | Why we fall for misdirection, every time (and love it).
How Much Morality Is Too Much? (w/ Mark Lilla)Listen now (77 min) | On indifference, innocence, and moral passions.
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