Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Butchery of Jews (w/ Eli Lake)

How the Left Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Butchery of Jews (w/ Eli Lake)

From the river to the sea.

Note: This episode is far more explicit — and way more rage-ful — than your average.

As you have likely read by now in the news, last Saturday, a group of Hamas combatants infiltrated Israel and massacred about 1300 people, mostly civilians.

Usually, Uncertain Things is all about embracing epistemological uncertainty. This conversation is not about that. To help Adaam process his rage and achieve some much-needed catharsis, he turned to returning guest, Eli Lake. Eli — host of The Re-Education Podcast, contributing editor to Commentary, and columnist for the New York Sun — did not disappoint, bringing some awesome, righteous outrage toward the American Left.

On the agenda:

- Hamas and their attack on Israel [0:00-7:15]
- Contextualizing the catharsis to come [7:16-17:04]
- Eli’s moral outrage [17:05-25:17]
- On policy: blockades and Iran [25:18-29:22]
- Back to our previously scheduled outrage [29:23-35:19]
- Predicting the fallout [35:20-43:54]
- Debating the culture of life, the culture of death [43:55-1:01:58]
- Coexisting with evil [1:01:59-1:05:29]
- The Left IRL [1:05:30-1:07:46]
- The rage returns [1:07:47-1:13:51]

- Outro: On moral relativism and forgiveness [1:14:10-22:58]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
Everything is broken. Adaam James Levin-Areddy and Vanessa M. Quirk, two jaded journos, interview people far wiser than themselves and ask: "now what?"