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Uncertain Things
Diversity Isn’t Destiny (w/ Yascha Mounk)

Diversity Isn’t Destiny (w/ Yascha Mounk)

It’s a thin line between diverse and divided.

We’ve been wanting to have political theorist, writer, and podcaster Yascha Mounk on the show for a while now, and the wait was so worth it: his new book, The Great Experiment: Why Diverse Democracies Fall Apart and How They Can Endure, is not only timely, it’s quite Uncertain Thingsy. He explains the three main ways that diverse democracies fall apart — and to what extent the U.S. is already under their influence. Plus, we dunk on elites, bemoan our political status quo, and ask: could oppression be good for us?

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On the agenda: 

- Intro to Yascha [0:00-9:56]

- Shout out to IRL pod encounters [9:57-11:38]

- Humans: Naturally predisposed to difference [11:39-25:50]

- How to Make Diverse Democracies Work [25:51-33:12]

- The Problem of Fragmentation [33:13-45:29]

- The Danger of Elites [45:30-54:30] 

- The Gerrymandering Arms Race [54:31-1:01:51]

- The Secret Sauce of Oppression [1:01:52-1:19:41]

- On Patriotism & Blindspots [1:19:42-1:25:18]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
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