Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
Blackness and the Other Side of Trauma (w/ Misha Thomas)

Blackness and the Other Side of Trauma (w/ Misha Thomas)

Trauma Is Infrastructure. (Trigger warnings all around.)

Our friend Misha Thomas, ex-evangelical and psychologist, returns to the show to discuss his recent revelation around race, spurred on by the PBS documentary, The Black Church. Along the way, we discuss a bevy of unanswerable questions surrounding this idea of racial trauma: Is it good for us keep to re-visiting, even valorizing, our past traumas? Are trauma narratives too reductionist for our own good? What good can acknowledging and discussing trauma bring? And is there really an "other side" we'll ever reach?

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On the agenda:

  • -Trigger warnings on both sides [1:11]

  • -Reflecting on voting for Trump [14:21]

  • -The Black Church & a new revelation on race [19:54]

  • -Racism and classism within the Black community [35:00]

  • -Busting out of neat, reductionist narratives [44:40]

  • -Cringing at self-love and self-hate [54:40]

  • -What's so tricky about trauma [1:01:50]

  • -The meaning of "moving forward" [1:19:04]

  • -"The trauma I've never talked about" [1:31:05]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
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