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Progressives Are Silly (w/ Nellie Bowles)

Progressives Are Silly (w/ Nellie Bowles)

From Slack to the streets.
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Nellie Bowles is back! The journalist, writer of the TGIF newsletter, and co-founder of The Free Press (along with her wife Bari Weiss) returns to discuss her new book, Morning After the Revolution. In it, she chronicles the unfortunate series of events that led her to leave The New York Times in 2021. We get into that in this conversation, too (diving into the backlash she received for covering the more violent 2020 protests in Portland and Seattle) — as well as the stories of Progressive absurdism that pepper the book. And before we wrap, we get into Nellie’s thoughts on being a newly converted Jew in the wake of October 8th.  

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On the agenda:

-Surviving the NYT in 2020 [1:40-23:41]

-Absurdity and anarchy [23:42-37:18]

-The joys and pains of becoming Jewish [37:19-51:06]

Mentioned in this episode:

-Our previous conversation on San Francisco’s lunacy

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