Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
Why Empathy's Bad — And Suffering Hurts So Good (w/ Paul Bloom)

Why Empathy's Bad — And Suffering Hurts So Good (w/ Paul Bloom)

Nothing says Christmas is coming like a conversation about dehumanization, moral fuzziness, and the evils of empathy! Moral psychologist Paul Bloom joins us for a fascinating conversation on the above — and even gives us a sneak peek of his new book (coming out next year). And, because this is Uncertain Things after all, there are some fun tangents on Trump, Hitler, and atheism, too.

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On the agenda:

  • Suffering — and why we like it [6:12]

  • On morals, atheists, and envy [19:48]

  • Cognitive empathy and the future schools of Trump studies [30:51]

  • The perils of emotional empathy [35:37]

  • Journalism: a fundamentally immoral pursuit? [44:01]

  • Stigma wanted [52:53]

  • The Empathy defense [59:00]

  • Inside the dehumanizer's mind [1:06:25]

  • The objective objection [1:18:15]

  • Moral fuzziness, clear polarization [1:28:58]

  • Adam Smith, wise virgin [1:34:09]

Paul Bloom’s books Against Empathy and Just Babies are widely available and highly recommended. You can also follow him on Twitter: @PaulBloomAtYal.

Uncertain Things is hosted and produced by Adaam James Levin-Areddy and Vanessa. For more doomsday thoughts, subscribe to: uncertain.substack.com

Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
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