Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
The City and the Citadel (w/ Michael Kimmelman)

The City and the Citadel (w/ Michael Kimmelman)

For the New York Times, and New York City, change is inevitable.

Vanessa has admired the New York Times’ architecture critic Michael Kimmelman ever since she was a starry-eyed youngster starting her urban journalism career. Now that his latest book The Intimate City is out, it was the perfect excuse to have him on the show. She and Adaam ask Michael what it was like at the Times in the late ‘80s when he started out, continue the conversation they started with Vishaan Chakrabarti about Progressives’ urban failings, discuss the non-profit journalism division that he helped spawn, and contemplate the importance of time when it comes to making (and appreciating) great cities.   

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On the agenda:

-Criticism, Community, and other Pet Topics [0:00-10:05]

-The New York Times, from Shabby Palace to Citadel [10:06-26:12]

-Anacostia, the High Line, and Gentrification [26:13-36:07]

-What’s Community (and Preservation) Anyway? [36:08-47:56]

-A Culture of Fear of Change [47:57-56:20]

-The Role of the Critic [56:21-1:09:59]

-The Pragmatism of Houston [1:10:00-1:18:51]

-Walking Through the City [1:18:52-1:23:50]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
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