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What the Left Gets Wrong About Black History (w/ Charles Love & Wilfred Reilly)

What the Left Gets Wrong About Black History (w/ Charles Love & Wilfred Reilly)

Missing the mark on gender, education, and America’s original sin.
Head-and-shoulders portraits of Blanche Kelso Bruce, Frederick Douglass, and others 1881. (Image: Library of Congress via Flickr User pingnews.com)

Authors and co-hosts of the Cut the Bull podcast, Charles Love (Race Crazy) and Wilfred Reilly (Taboo, Hate Crime Hoax) join us for a lively conversation/debate about race, history, and K-12 education — and Vanessa gets put in the hot seat. Questions covered include: Should Black history be separate from American history? Are we over-indexing on sex and gender in the classroom? Is social media an “environmental toxin” — or just another misdirection from the left? And, of course, what are the biggest blindspots on the left and the right?  

-Where we’ve been [0:00-4:47]

-Eric Adams, “environmental toxins,” and the Left [4:48-10:43] 

-1619 and documenting history [10:44-30:54] 

-Black history vs. American history [30:55-42:43] 

-Sex and gender in the classroom [42:44-59:29] 

-Diagnosing the misdirection [59:30-1:03:36] 

-The failings of integration [1:03:37-1:09:20] 

-How to fix education [1:09:50-1:13:18] 

-Blindspots on the Left and the Right [1:13:19-1:18:39]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
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