Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
We're Addicted to Destruction (w/ Nancy Rommelmann)

We're Addicted to Destruction (w/ Nancy Rommelmann)

Remember when journalism was good?

Nancy Rommelmann is a fiery (but mostly peaceful) writer and reporter. She’s also the co-founder (along with Matt Welch) of Paloma Media — a home for "the growing number of misfit creators who no longer fit neatly in our cramped categories of media, politics, and culture." Nancy made the trek to Queens for an in-person (!) conversation where she shared her journalism war stories, her ire about Donald MacNeill, Jr., and her musings on beauty as a commodity.

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On the agenda:

-Intro to Nancy [00:00 - 4:00]

-Our anti-natalist debate w/ Jacob Siegel, to be continued [4:01 - 6:00]

-Settling in [6:01-16:27]

-Deconstructing Portland [16:28 - 35:40]

-The NYT vs. The Donalds [35:41 - 1:02:06]

-Creating Things in the Chaos [1:02:05 - 1:11:14]

-The Beauty Blindspot [1:11:15 - 1:32:09]

-Blindspots on the Left & Right [1:32:10 - 1:39:24]

-People Will Surprise You [1:39:25 - 1:44:17]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
Everything is broken. Adaam James Levin-Areddy and Vanessa M. Quirk, two jaded journos, interview people far wiser than themselves and ask: "now what?"