Perestroika Begins at Home (w/ Matt Welch)


On Inauguration Day, with J.Lo's oddball rendition of America's favorite commie song still ringing in our ears, Matt Welch graced our uncertain pod with his virtual presence and cathartic rants. Matt — author, Reason Magazine’s editor-at-large, co-host of The Fifth Column podcast, master of "atrocious analogies," and Adaam's touchstone of sanity (among other roles) — joined us for a wide-ranging conversation about Biden, the truth, free speech, podcasts, and the consequences of so-called cancel culture.

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On the agenda:

  • Inauguration Day: "I'm not the target audience." [6:42]

  • Living in truth and holding politicians to account [14:11]

  • Journalists, do your job better [18:44]

  • Consumers, consume better, too [25:37]

  • A techno-hippie in the free speech loop hole (Podcasts v. Mass media) [35:03]

  • Cancel culture and its tattle tales [47:45]

  • In defense of common sense [1:19:49]

  • The elephant in the country: the deficit [1:24:56]

  • Trump and the right's delusional disarray [1:28:04]

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