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Uncertain Things
Surrender to the Illusion (w/ Daniel Roy)

Surrender to the Illusion (w/ Daniel Roy)

Why we fall for misdirection, every time (and love it).

After studying neurobiology in college, Daniel Roy became a professional sleight-of-hand artist slash YouTube magician. He joined us to explore how illusionists exploit our innate psychological and social tendencies in order to make us unwillingly suspend our disbelief. In this in-person conversation, we dive into the topics of misdirection, deception, and illusion — and the ways they resonate with politics, tech, and media today. But it wasn’t all intellectual debate: Daniel also graced us with some real life magic, which you can visually enjoy on our YouTube page.

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On the agenda:

-Getting seriously into magic [5:20-14:12]

-Inattentional blindness and the illusion of impossibility [14:13- 27:21]

-The magician as social manipulator [27:22-40:56]

-When mistakes (and hecklers) happen [40:57-47:10]

-The conflict of psychological surrender [47:11-54:44]

-Attention capture and the media parallel [54:45-1:05:38]

-Magic in the YouTube era [1:05:39-1:24:01]

-The mental and ethical challenges of magic [1:24:02-1:53:33]

-An audio magic trick! [1:55:29-2:15:31]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
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