Mar 15, 2021 • 1HR 18M

Sex, Feminism, and the Madding Crowd (w/ Caitlin Flanagan)

Beware the consensus.

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Uncertain Things
Everything is broken. Adaam James Levin-Areddy and Vanessa M. Quirk, two jaded journos, interview people far wiser than themselves and ask: "now what?"
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Caitlin Flanagan has a taste for controversy. Over her decades writing for The Atlantic, she's covered everything from feminism (and the ways it lets women down) to porn to self-censoring in comedy to her own struggle with cancer to the darkest depths of the culture war. But are there any subjects she wouldn’t write about?

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On the agenda:

  • -Introducing Caitlin [3:53]

  • -On writing and being dour [11:00]

  • -The censorship and self-censorship of the young [20:46]

  • -Touching touchy subjects [25:44]

  • -On feminism, cruelty, and the culture war [31:47]

  • -The left, the right, and the French [42:15]

  • -Patriotism & the Patriot Act [47:32]

  • -Our disembodied lives [49:53]

  • -On porn, sex work, and loneliness [58:13]

  • -Trauma and its new narratives [1:10:24]

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