Big Tech Panic (w/ Shoshana Weissmann)

Monopolies, free speech, and Section 230.


R-Street Institute fellow and head of digital media Shoshana Weissmann joins us to talk big tech, monopolies, and regulation. Yes, we get wonky discussing Section 230 and trust busting, but we also carved out time for Shoshana and Adaam to nerd out about Torah law. She also explains why she's so passionate about unenumerated rights and even reminds us that online living has an upside.

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On the agenda:

-Only intro and already off-the-rails [00:00-9:00]

-Regulation, what is it good for? [10:16-27:20]

-Shoshana's libertarian origin and the Federalist Society blood rituals [27:00-35:11]

-I <3 Unenumerated rights [35:12-41:01]

-Section 230 and the dementor's kiss of content moderation [41:02-56:33]

-Big Tech: punching bags, soft power, and censorship [56:34-1:10:12]

-Corrosive conversations vs. supportive communities [1:09:34-1:31:19]

-Privilege and personal responsibility [1:31:20-1:38:55]

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