Jun 17 • 1HR 22M

Between Comedy and Pissing People Off (w/ Andrew Heaton)

Cognitive dissonance helps, of course.

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Everything is broken. Adaam James Levin-Areddy and Vanessa M. Quirk, two jaded journos, interview people far wiser than themselves and ask: "now what?"
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Back from a delicious month-long detachment from the news cycle, Adaam sits down with political vagabond and comedian Andrew Heaton, host of The Political Orphanage podcast, to relearn how to do audio rambling. In a more light-hearted discussion than normal (still need to warm up!), we talk the subtle art of political comedy, the glory (and pains) of arguing, and the implacable hardships of having a euphonious voice like Andrew’s.

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On the agenda:

-The fundamentals of Uncertain Things

-Marriage, an atavism

-The guy who may own a blimp

-Drawing the line between stand up and shouting at each other

-Having debates like a human

-Something about the Jews

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