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Uncertain Things
Art: WTF Happened? (w/ Ken Goshen)

Art: WTF Happened? (w/ Ken Goshen)

To celebrate Thanksgiving weekend, we talk to classical artist, art educator, and friend of the pod Ken Goshen. We go deep into art history, tracing where it all started to go so terribly wrong, spend too much time hating on Koontz (but loving on Warhol), and discuss how Instagram and social media is changing the art world — potentially for the better.

Oh! And because our word pictures can only do so much, follow @KenGoshen and see his incredible art for yourself — and get more Ken rants on his pod, Art’s Cool.

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On the agenda:

  • The classical art resurgence on Instagram [5:33]

  • In defense of beauty [12:25]

  • The origins of the struggle against beauty (On Romanticism, Rationalism, and Goya) [18:22]

  • The point of no return (On Duchamp, Rothko, Pollock, and Warhol) [32:42]

  • Truth bombing Koons [35:48]

  • What’s wrong with Contemporary Art: Taste [52:02]

  • What’s wrong with Contemporary Art: Concept [57:17]

  • The rebellion isn’t justified (except when it is) [1:04:56]

  • A classical artist in a contemporary world [1:09:17]

  • How to win at Instagram [1:13:01]

  • The power of a teacher [1:29:28]

  • The power of a pandemic [1:36:22]

  • Is art school worth it? [1:42:20]

  • Passion on pause[1:48:35]

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Uncertain Things
Uncertain Things
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